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Cast Iron Garden Cloche 18''

Cast Iron Garden Cloche 18''

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Inspired by Victorian garden cloche designs, this beautiful cloche will enhance any flower border or vegetable patch, providing protection in the winter and boosting growth in the early spring.

Manufactured from cast iron, and glazed in horticultural glass this sturdy structure will withstand rain, snow and gales and is an ideal way of protecting more delicate plants in the garden. The cast iron cloche can also be used on a veg patch for earlier crops. The glass will trap the sun’s warmth, warming the soil and  ensuring a faster start to the growing season. When the weather warms, the top can be rotated 45 degrees, allowing ventilation for the plants. In Summer the roof can be completely removed, leaving the sides as wind protection.

For the keen gardener, a Victorian style cast iron garden cloche will provide a wonderful present.

Size: 18 inches (44cm) square. Height without handle 16 inches(41cm). Hand-made in India. Supplied assembled.

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